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Features and Benefits

Commercial Grade Woven PVC Fabric

ALL AutoFloorGuard containment mats use Commercial Grade PVC Fabric which is used and trusted in the trucking industry and handles day in and day out American's toughest conditions. Our Fabric is Mildew and Rot resistant as well as Ultraviolet treated to resist fading and prevent fabric breakdown. Fabric has been tested to -40 degrees. Our containment mat is heavier than other similar garage products and lays on the ground much better with the material seams relaxing over time.

Heat-Sealed Watertight Seams

ALL AFG seams are reinforced and thermal welded to provide durability and longevity.

Build-in Containment Edge

ALL AutoFloorGuards use a closed cell foam material (will not absorb moisture) that will work in all temperature environments and will endure tire traffic. Competitors that offer plastic edge pieces may become brittle and crack when exposed to extreme cold temperatures.

Rectangle design:

ALL AutoFloorGuards were designed to allow more room in the corners for water, mud, oil, snow or any other liquid drip to be captured. It also makes it easier when pulling the mat over the garage threshold to clean.

Ready to Use

ALL AutoFloorGuards were designed with simplicity in mind. Your garage floor mats come preassembled and ready to use. Just open box, remove , roll out and use! That is it. You do not have to have all the parts all over trying to figure out how to clip the plastic onto the mats and to also make sure you do not leave any gaps so spills or liquid won't leak out. When the season is done or your restored car is ready for the road simply clean your AFG, let dry and roll up for next year or your next project.

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3 Floor Guard Choices

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AFG Standard size is wider than most competing containment mats, allowing many size vehicles to use this mat. This mat is 8.5 feet wide by 18 feet long and has a 1” closed cell foam contaiment edge allowing wider SUV’s and trucks to drop dirt, snow and mud and not mess up your floor.

Floor Guards in-stock & ready for quick ship!

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NEW this year is our Premium AFG. It is everything customers wanted over the years in an in-stock product. Our customers asked for a product with a smaller width to better accommodate slightly smaller size vehicles and an increased foam containment edge. The AFG Premium Finished Dimensions are 7’9” wide by 18 feet long with a 1.25” containment closed cell foam edge.

Size Floor Guards

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AutoFloorGuard is the only company that offers handmade custom size containment mats online then delivered to your door from our Ohio Factory! Improved this year we are now offering our customers the chance to choose a specific width and length and get a truly custom AFG! All of our Custom AFG mats come with our new Premium 1.25” closed cell containment edge. Free shipping is also included for all mats under 600 sq. ft. Use our online calculator and pay for the square footage you need. Custom Floor Guards can be made from as little as 10 sq. ft up to 600 sq. ft.

Limited Edition
Auto Floor Guard

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AFG Limited Edition with Large Foam Edge – Only a couple of Limited Edition Custom Made AFG floor mats are left from our Ohio factory. Order today before they’re gone!

Auto Floor Guards

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We are now offering used AFG mats for sale! Save on genuine AFG floor mats by buying used.


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