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AutoFloorGuard is the only company that makes a custom containment mat, sized perfectly for your garage and vehicle. It is the best and easiest way to keep your garage floors clean. Our garage mats are the perfect option to prevent spills and leaks from damaging your garage floor. 

Made in the US with heavy-duty fabric, AutoFloorGuard custom containment mats handle your toughest conditions. They have built-in edges, are mildew and rot-resistant, and have Stay-Put Corners ensuring they stay in place in the messiest situations.

1. What is a Custom-Size Garage Floor Containment Mat?

For garages with specific needs, AutoFloorGuard makes custom-size garage containment mats. We manufacture our custom mats in Perrysburg, OH to the highest standard. We craft each custom containment mat with the best fabric, highest foam edge, hand-made welded seams, and grommet corners. When you compare our custom mats to our standard mats, you’ll immediately notice the difference in quality.

2. What Applications are AutoFloorGuard’s Custom Mats Designed For?

AutoFloorGuard designs unique custom containment mats for a variety of residential and commercial uses. While the most common use is in the residential garage, there are a number of other purposes that garage floor mats have to offer. 

Ordering custom mats allows you to choose whatever size you need, accommodating any garage or vehicle size. Wherever quick, portable coverage is needed, our mats will protect your floors from snow, ice, water, and mud. Designed with durable fabric, the garage floor containment mats can handle consistent tire traffic and all temperature environments. The mats minimize safety issues and prevent messes, benefits that are valuable to any home or business owner. Often homeowners are looking for mats to protect the garage floor under ATVs, golf carts, larger trucks, or even commercial/industrial-grade vehicles. 

3. How are Standard Mats Different from Custom Mats?

We make our custom garage mats locally and at a higher quality than our standard mats. If you put the two next to each other, you would notice the differences immediately. From better fabric to higher edges – our custom mats are ready to handle your toughest conditions. While our standard mats come in three sizes, our custom mats are sized exactly to your garage’s specifications. Therefore, if you want a perfectly-sized mat, ordering a custom garage containment mat may be the answer for you.

4. What are the Benefits of Containment Mats?

With garage floor containment mats, your days of messy garage floors are over. AutoFloorGuard custom mats have many purposes and benefits:

  • Custom sizing to fit any garage or vehicle
  • Eliminate mess in your garage
  • Convenient and easy to clean
  • Save time by eliminating extra to-dos
  • Alleviate safety concerns
  • Peace of mind that your garage is clean and safe

5. How do you measure for Custom Garage Floor Containment Mats?

Choosing the correct size containment mat is important. You want it to fit in the garage with space around your car to contain any liquids or mess. Because every garage is different, you need to measure the size of your garage floor first. Simply take a tape measure to determine the length and width of your garage floor. Take into consideration how much room you want the containment mat to take up in the garage. If you use space in your garage for storage or lawn equipment, you may not be able to fit a large custom containment mat.

Next, measure your car to determine how large the mat should be. We suggest having a one-foot border around your car to allow for runoff and liquids to fall directly onto the mat.

If you need any help, AutoFloorGuard has a team of experts ready and willing to assist you in selecting a garage floor containment mat that will suit your needs. Contact us today and we’ll find the containment mat that’s right for you.

6. What colors are available?


Black is the only color available for our custom garage mats.

7. How Do I Install My Mat?


Each AFG comes fully assembled and requires no installation or tools. Simply open the box and unfold the mat flat in your garage with the seams up. The mat is ready to use.

Prior to installation, we recommend that you sweep or air blow your garage. Be sure any sharp edges, even from paint and caulk, are smoothed out.

AutoFloorGuard provides Stay-Put Corners to ensure your mat stays firmly in place.

First clean and dry each corner of the mat where the Stay-Put Corners will be placed. If it is cold when you are installing, we recommend cleaning the area and using a hair dryer’s high setting to dry and heat up the floor for easy Stay-Put Corner application.

8. How Do I Clean My Custom Mat?


Cleaning your garage containment mat improves its performance and longevity. The AutoFloorGuard containment mat comes with a free easy-to-use squeegee to make cleanup an easy task. Simply wipe the mat with the squeegee, or, as an alternative, use a soft-bristle brush or mop.

You may also hose the garage containment mat with a mild kitchen detergent to remove debris. If the water containment mat is soiled with oil and chemicals, check with your local government regarding proper disposal.

9. Can I Return My Custom Floor Mat?

We do not accept returns or coupons on custom orders, however, every custom mat does come with a 90 day manufacturer’s guarantee on the product. Refer to our warranty page for more information. 


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