Garage Floor Mat Vs. Garage Floor Containment Mat

Have you been wondering what the difference is between garage floor mats and garage floor containment mats? If so, you are not alone. Many people shop for garage floor mats without realizing that there is a major difference between these two kinds of mats.

Although garage floor mats and garage containment floor mats have some similarities, they also have a lot of differences. Today, we’ll help explain garage floor mats vs. garage floor containment mats and which product may be right for you.

Garage Floor Mat Vs. Garage Floor Containment Mat Comparison

Although the terms “garage floor mats” and “garage floor containment mats” are often used interchangeably, there are quite a few differences between these two kinds of floor mats. While they are both designed to protect your garage floor from damage, garage floor containment mats for cars are specially built to capture liquids and debris.
Below, let’s take a closer look at garage floor protection mats vs. garage containment floor mats.

What Is a Garage Floor Mat?

A garage floor mat is a type of mat that serves many purposes. Garage floor mats may be used to hide garage floor cracks and stains, keep the surface clean, create more living space and make your garage floor soft to walk on.
There are many different materials that garage floor mats for winter are made from. Such materials include foam garage mats and rubber garage floor mats. Additionally, floor mats come in a variety of designs, ranging from interlocking garage floor mats to garage floor roll-out mats. Garage gym floor mats are also a common choice for individuals wanting a garage mat for exercising on.
In short, garage floor mats have many uses, yet they don’t focus on a specific purpose. Consequently, a garage floor mat may not be the best option for those seeking a mat that will contain large quantities of water.

What Is a Garage Floor Containment Mat?

Garage floor containment mats are a type of garage floor mat specifically built to capture liquid spills, drips and leaks. Garage floor water containment mats for cars prevent snow, ice, water, mud and oil from damaging your garage floor. Additionally, garage floor containment mats are easy to clean and quick to install.
Garage floor containment parking mats are made with a range of materials, including rubber, vinyl and polyester. Unfortunately, many garage floor containment mats are crafted with flimsy fabric that can’t handle heavy tire traffic and large amounts of water. Because of this, it’s important to understand which materials and brands on the market are the best.
At AutoFloorGuard, we make it a priority to produce garage floor containment mats made with the highest-quality materials. Our heavy-duty fabric is greatly trusted in the trucking industry and is guaranteed to handle even the toughest conditions.

Garage Floor Mat Vs. Garage Floor Containment Mat Similarities

Garage floor mats and garage containment floor mats have similarities, as both kinds are designed to handle tire traffic and prevent wet-floor messes. Additionally, they both help eliminate safety hazards involved with wet-floor messes.
Although a garage floor mat may capture some quantities of liquid, a garage containment floor mat is the best option if you’re looking for a mat that will contain several gallons of water. This amount of liquid might be contained in snow caked all over your vehicle. Moreover, garage floor drainage mats are easy to clean with either a hose or a squeegee.

Garage Floor Mat Vs. Garage Floor Containment Mat Differences

Just as garage floor mats and garage containment mats have similarities, they also have many differences. Garage floor mats are mainly installed to improve garage floor appearance and provide padding whereas garage containment mats are designed to capture liquid and debris.
Garage floor containment parking mats are easy to wipe clean and are designed to contain all liquids that might drip from your vehicle. With a garage floor oil mat, you never again have to worry about oil along with water damaging your garage floor.
Garage floor containment mats are fantastic for use during all times of the year but are especially beneficial during the winter. Even if your vehicle is packed with snow after pulling in from an intense blizzard, you can rest assured the floor containment mat will capture all drips and spills.

Ease of Use of Garage Floor Mats and Garage Floor Containment Mats

One huge benefit of containment garage floor mats for under cars is their ease of use. Unlike garage floor mats, which allow water to leak, garage containment mats protect your garage floor at all times.
That said, the performance and quality of the garage containment floor mat greatly depends on the brand. Many car containment mat products do not meet customers’ expectations due to their flimsy construction.
Fortunately, with AutoFloorGuard, this is not the case.

The AutoFloorGuard containment mat features Stay-Put Corners that keep the floor mat from sliding out of place. Additionally, AutoFloorGuard’s garage floor mat is made with heavy-duty fabric and is extremely easy to install.

AutoFloorGuard’s Stay-Put Corners help ensure the garage floor containment mat’s captured liquids and substances—from snow melt, rain and oil to mud, dirt and debris—remain off your garage floor.

Garage Floor Mat Vs. Garage Floor Containment Mat Pros and Cons

Although garage floor mats have advantages, containment mats are the best option for those seeking a floor mat that will capture snow, water, mud, ice and oils. Due to its heavy-duty fabric, a garage floor containment mat prevents water leakage from damaging your garage floor. Moreover, garage containment floor mats offer ease of use and savings in cleaning time.
It’s important to note, however, that not all garage floor containment mat brands are the same. The structure of many containment mats is not durable enough to handle large amounts of water and heavy tire traffic.
If you’re searching for a garage floor containment mat that will endure heavy use and tough conditions, the AutoFloorGuard containment mat may be just what you’re looking for. Unlike many other containment mat brands, the AutoFloorGuard mat is extremely durable and is built to handle even the toughest of environments. All in all, the AutoFloorGuard garage containment mat is an exceptional product well worth the investment.
 Garage Floor MatGarage Floor Containment Mat
Cost and value 

(Some brands such as AutoFloorGuard but not all brands.)


(Some brands such as AutoFloorGuard but not all brands.)

Play surface for children 
Captures snow, mud, water and oils 
Ease of use 
Savings in cleaning time 
Safety benefits 

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