Stay-Put Corners

Our current In-stock mats include these Stay-Put Corners. But, if you have a previous version of our containment mat, we have made these Stay-Put Corners available for purchase. We recommend this solution if you are seeing the following conditions with your AutoFloorGuard product:

NOW INCLUDED with our compact, mid-Size and Truck/Suv AutoFloorGuards!!!

Available for purchase separately - $9.99!

  • If you experience wind gusts that lift your mat when pulling in or out of the garage.
  • If the corners move out of position when using a squeegee or broom to sweep out accumulated liquids.
  • If your AFG is moved slightly from its intended position due to an occasional hot tire sticking to the dry mat.
  • If after unboxing AFG you find the natural wrinkles and creases or corners that don't sit flat. These areas need some time to relax.

our Process

Step 1

Lay the mat with the AutoFloorGuard logo facing upward.

Step 2

Position the AFG mat on the floor where you want it, starting with the edge nearest to the garage door.

Step 3

Mark the floor with chalk or tape (not included) around the corner edges of the AFG.

Step 4

Wipe the floor and AFG mat corners inside the position marks with the supplied alcohol wipes or use a rag with rubbing alcohol. Allow time to dry.

Step 5

Peel off the backing of one Stay-Put Corner and place the adhesive side on the floor. Then attach another to the bottom of the mat. Carefully turn over the corner, press down and secure to the floor. Do this for all 4 corners.

Our users reviews

"Product works as advertised! Capacity is limited, so you’ll still want to kick snow off the mud flaps when outside. Dry floor is nice!"
I tested AutoFloorGuard out when I was working on my boat in the driveway. I dropped a gallon of oil when I was changing the oil in the boat.
Naples, Florida
The Auto Floor Guard works perfectly, Keeps the garage clean and allows me to park in the garage. Thank you for stocking this item.
Elizabeth Emch