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Ways to Protect Your Antique Vehicle

5 Ways to Protect Your Antique Vehicle

When you invest in an antique vehicle, protecting it is the highest priority. From checking the tire pressure to simply filling it up with gas, you make sure every detail is accounted for. To preserve your classic car, apply the same level of care to ensure that it is properly serviced and stored. Cold weather, moisture, and improper preparation can all leave your car worse for wear.

Owning an antique vehicle is a huge investment. The time spent restoring it alone makes it an investment worth maintaining. As colder and wetter months approach, learning how to properly prep and store your car is crucial for its preservation.

To protect your antique vehicle, you need to ensure that you have properly prepared it for storage. From finding the perfect storage space to ensuring moisture doesn’t affect your beautiful car, we have you covered.

1. Find an Adequate Storage Facility

The first thing to consider when you’re looking to protect your antique vehicle is a proper storage facility. Whether you choose a personal garage, a private building, or a public storage facility – there are certain qualities that you should look for. The storage facility you choose should be clean, free of moisture, and free of critters. You’ll want to eliminate anything that can wreak havoc on your car.

Proper storage is essential both when you’re using the car and storing the car. Ensuring that the facility is free of moisture is key. Drying your car, storing it on one of our garage floor containment mats, and keeping your car free of any debris can help keep your car nicer, longer. If you store your car in different places, your garage floor containment mat can come with you and will keep the underbody of your car and the tires free from moisture and damage.

2. Clean and Protect Your Antique Vehicle

Simple enough, right? Cleaning your car is essential to properly care for your antique vehicle. Detailing the inside and outside of your car is imperative for your car’s longevity. Any detritus left on the outside of your car can scratch or damage the paint. Anything left inside can attract unwanted pests and create lingering odors that will be hard to get rid of.

Make sure you thoroughly clean and dry the outside of your car. Vacuum and wipe down the inside and dispose of any trash in the vehicle. For even better results, leave a box of baking soda in the car, ensure the tires are completely dry before storage, block the exhaust pipe to the vehicle, and place dryer sheets in or around the car to ward off pests.

3. Learn Proper Storage Techniques

New or vintage, properly servicing your car on time is essential. If you’re storing it, there are certain steps you must take to protect your antique vehicle.

  • Protect your battery. If storing long term, you’ll want to completely remove the battery and store it in a clean and dry location. Keep it in a temperature-controlled environment, above freezing. You’ll also need to clean the battery and remove any corrosion.
  • Check the fluids. Top off your gasoline, oil, transmission fluid, and brake fluid. If they’re full, you have less chance of collecting moisture inside your car.
  • Fill the tires! Full up your tires to the maximum PSI. If storing for long-term storage, use jack stands to take pressure off the tires. 

Here are some good resources to learn from other car enthusiasts who also care about properly storing their antique vehicles. 

The right cover can keep your car safe from the elements

4. Invest in a Proper Cover

The last thing you want is for your antique car to get dirty or scratched in storage. Investing in a great cover will save you a ton of hassle and protect your car from rust and damage. To avoid moisture collecting on your car, use a cotton car cover instead of a plastic one. Opting for one that protects against weather, sun, and any debris is highly recommended.

The Kayme 6 Layer Car Cover is a great option, defending your car from moisture, UV rays, and made of a thick cotton to protect your antique vehicle. You will never regret investing in great products to keep your car in great condition.

5. Protect Your Antique Car From Moisture with a Garage Floor Containment Mat

Car Stored in Garage

Protecting your car from any moisture is key in storing any antique vehicle. Any hint of water can cause damage to your engine, paint, and tires. AutoFloorGuard is here to help with highly effective garage floor containment mats. Not only will they protect your garage floor, but they will also prevent any moisture from reaching your tires. They are available in three different standard sizes and can also be custom-made to accommodate any vehicle size.

Garage floor containment mats are easy to install and can go with you from active driving to storage. Included with them are Stay-Put corners allowing your mat to adhere to your garage floor and are easy to drive on and off.

If you are actively driving your classic car, your containment mat will collect any water, dirt, or debris from your vehicle and can be easily cleaned with a hose or the squeegee that is included.

As one of the top garage accessories, AFG’s containment mats will eliminate any moisture from reaching your tires, allowing them to stay clean and dry during storage.

To take the best possible care of your investment, use these tips and tricks to protect your antique vehicle when it’s on the road or in storage.

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