What are Heat-sealed Edges and Why are They Important?

Heat-sealed edges are an important part of our garage floor containment mats. Not only do they help contain all the liquid that spills onto the garage floor, but they keep the mat strong and sturdy. Garage floors are notoriously dirty, from rain and snow to mud and oil – it’s hard to keep them clean, especially in the winter months. Not only that, but it can make your garage slippery and then you track all that dirt and grime into the house. Not an ideal situation. If you’re looking for an all-in-one effective solution, a garage floor containment mat with a heat-sealed edge may be just what you need.

AutoFloorGuard offers a unique containment mat complete with built-in, heat-sealed edges. Heat-sealed edges are a feature that makes our containment mats unique and sturdy. They allow you to keep your garage floor clean, keep it safe, and also make sure that all the snow, rain, mud, and oil actually stay on the mat.

You may be wondering how this containment mat will meet all your expectations or how we compare with our competition? Or just simply, what is a heat-sealed edge? Well, let us tell you!

What are Heat-Sealed Edges?

Heat-sealed edges are an important and unique aspect of our containment mats. Heating two pieces of fabric together creates a watertight bond, sealing the closed-foam material inside, preventing any moisture absorption and protecting against mold and rot. 

Heat-sealing is the process of sealing one thermoplastic fabric to another using heat and pressure. Using a heat-sealing iron, the fabric is slightly melted. As you press the two pieces together, the fabric will weld as it cools. This prevents fraying and creates a sturdy edge that stands up to your toughest and messiest conditions. 

The built-in containment edges are reinforced and thermal-welded for durability. You can drive over and squeegee these garage mats without trepidation. Heat sealing ensures that the mats will hold up in all temperature environments, with no cracking or damage from frost. 

The Benefits of Heat-Sealed Edges

Wherever your adventures take you, AutoFloorGuard’s garage floor containment mats with built-in edges are prepared to handle it all. The heat-sealed edges provide many benefits that other containment mats just don’t have.

First of all, they’re waterproof! When you heat two pieces of fabric together it creates a watertight bond. The interior foam does not absorb moisture, leaving you with a dry mat and a dry garage. The heat-sealed edges create a tall and very sturdy edge that prevents any runoff from reaching your garage floor. This is the same process used by many heavy duty industrial food packagers to keep products fresh. You can rest assured that your garage floor won’t be slippery or dirty, creating a safe environment for you and your family.

Heat-sealed fabric does not unravel or tear, leaving you with a sturdy product ready for action. These heavy-duty mats are constructed to withstand tire pressure. You’ll feel comfortable driving in and out of the garage without wrecking the edges of your mat.

With containment edges built into our parking mats, they are very easy to install and require no tools. Simply roll the mat onto your garage floor. We include Stay Put corners with every order to ensure that your mat stays smooth and flat to the floor.

How will AFG’s Heat-Sealed Edges Protect My Garage Floor?

We build AutoFloorGuard containment mats for wear and tear. Durably built, they can handle the toughest messes. Our mats have a built-in heat-sealed containment edge that is made to hold gallons of liquid, can be easily moved and cleaned, and can cover any unsightly stains or cracks on your garage floor.

Not only will it cover old stains, but it will prevent you from getting any new ones. It will also prevent damage to your garage floors from road salt, freeze-thaws or water.

Containment mats are also great for protecting your car. They don’t allow moisture to come up from your garage floor, keeping your tires and the underbody of your car moisture-free and in great shape.

AutoFloorGuard vs. the Competition

As you consider buying a garage mat, you may run into other mats made by our competitors. Let us tell you why AFG stands above the competition.

Some of the competitor mats have tall edges, however, AutoFloorGuard is the only company specializing in heat-sealed edges to allow for greater durability and functionality. Heat sealing ensures that our 1.5” edges stay upright and prevent any liquid from making it to your garage floor

How do we measure up to our competition?

AutoFloorGuardTrucontainArmorAllPark SmartGFloor
Type of Edge: Tall Edge
Edge Material: Heat Sealed
Height: 1.5”
Type of Edge: Tall Edge
Edge Material: Heat Sealed
Height: 1.25”
Type of Edge: Flat
Edge Material: Fabric
Height: 0”
Type of Edge: Snap-On Fabric
Edge Material: Plastic
Height: .5″
Type of Edge: Flat
Edge Material: PVC
Height: 0” 

You can buy containment mats built with clip-on edges to collect water. However, there are challenges with clip-on edges. They can break as you drive over them or the water can spill as you remove the edges. Drive right over AFG’s containment mats, constructed with built-in edges, you never have to worry about tire pressure ruining them. We built them in on purpose! Not only that, but they’re easy to clean – simply hose or squeegee them to keep them looking tidy.

While fabric edges may look nice and clean, our heat-sealed edges will not fray or come undone. Additionally, you do not have to cut our mats to fit, we sell our garage mats in many custom sizes so you can have a perfectly sized mat ready to install in your garage.

As you make a decision, make sure to note that other mats may require you to seal the edges yourself. Ours come already heat-sealed, ready (and easy) to install, to make keeping your garage clean a breeze.

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