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How to Clean Your Containment Mat

Are you tired of dealing with the water and debris your vehicle drips on your garage floor? If so, a containment mat may be the perfect solution for you.

Garage floor containment mats are designed to capture snow, water, oils, antifreeze, mud, leaves and other debris, hence keeping garage floors spotless and shining. Moreover, their ability to collect liquids prevent safety concerns related to slippery floors in your garage and house. As with any product, however, proper maintenance is required to keep your containment mat in top condition. Fortunately, cleaning a containment mat is a fast and easy process that requires few steps and little effort.

Cleaning a containment mat is much easier than scrubbing garage floors, making garage containment mats such valuable investments. Unlike garage floors, which require heavy scrubbing and sweeping, a containment mat can be brushed off or hosed down in a matter of minutes. Their ease of use is especially beneficial for homeowners who run a tight schedule.

If you’re wondering how to clean a water containment mat, you have come to the right place. We’ll walk you through a step-by-step guide to properly cleaning a containment mat, including cleaning methods that ask for items you may already have in your home. Remember to always refer to the care instructions your containment mat came with to ensure you are using the proper cleaning techniques for your mat.

Ready to dive in? Let’s get to the top methods for cleaning truck containment mats!

Using a Squeegee to Clean Water off Your Containment Mat

One of the easiest and most effective ways to clean a containment mat is to use a squeegee. Squeegees allow you to effortlessly wipe snow and debris off the containment mat to rid the mat of water. Moreover, you may apply a gentle detergent during the cleaning process to remove dirt and oils.

Using a squeegee, you have the option to clean the mat either in the garage or right outside the garage door. If cleaning your containment mat outside, keep the edge of the mat in front of the garage door. Place the containment mat flat on the ground and carefully brush away the liquids and debris that have accumulated. It should take only a few minutes to clean your mat with a squeegee.

If you do not have a squeegee on hand, it is also possible to use a brush or broom instead. A soft-bristled brush will gently remove water while also scrubbing away dirt and debris. Alternatively, you may use a mop to rid your containment mat of liquids.

Some containment mat brands include cleaning supplies with their products. AutoFloorGuard is one of these brands, offering a telescoping squeegee for free as a value-added product. This included squeegee greatly aids in the cleaning process and makes wiping the mat much easier.

Containment mat - squeegee - AutoFloorGuard
A free squeegee is included with AutoFloorGuard containment mat orders. To use the squeegee, attach the telescoping pole by screwing it onto the squeegee’s head.

Hosing Down Your Containment Mat

Another option for cleaning your containment mat is placing the mat outside and hosing it down. For this cleaning method, simply pull your mat out of the garage, keeping the edge of the containment mat in front of the garage door near the threshold. You may use a mild kitchen detergent to remove debris and stains from the mat. Hose down the containment mat until all dirt and liquids have been washed away. If your containment mat is soiled with chemicals and oils, consult with your local government regarding proper disposal of these contaminants.

Using a squeegee during the hosing process can greatly aid in ridding your containment mat of oils and debris. As mentioned earlier, you may use a mop or broom as an alternative to a squeegee.

Similar to wiping the mat with a squeegee, hosing down the containment mat should take only a few minutes. Once your containment mat is fully cleaned, place it back in the garage, being careful to lay the mat flat on the floor.

Hose your containment mat as needed, making sure the mat does not retain excessive amounts of liquids for long periods of time. The longer you wait to clean your containment mat, the greater the possibility your mat may leak.

How often you should hose your mat depends on the weather conditions in your location. If your area has experienced heavy snowstorms, your containment mat may need cleaning more often to empty the puddles of melted snow that accumulate. During light snow or rainfall, however, your containment mat may not need cleaning for several days or even weeks.

Benefits of Cleaning Your Containment Mat

The benefits of cleaning your containment mat go beyond keeping your garage floor clean. Garage floor containment mats add a fresh look to your garage and, when cleaned regularly, can greatly enhance your garage’s appearance. In addition, regular cleaning keeps the water containment mat smelling clean, consequently creating a more enjoyable containment mat experience.

By emptying the captured water in your containment mat, you can be sure that your floor mat won’t leak and cause safety issues related to slippery floors. Although truck containment mats are built with high edges and sides, it is possible for liquids to leak due to excessive amounts of water retained in the mat.

An advantage to using garage containment mats is their ease of use when it comes to cleanup. Unlike garage floors, a containment mat can be brought outside to be rinsed and scrubbed. Additionally, some garage containment mat brands include a free squeegee to improve your cleaning experience.

If you’re searching for a high-quality containment mat that is easy to clean and will endure heavy use, AutoFloorGuard may be the perfect choice for you.

The AutoFloorGuard containment mat features built-in containment edges and Stay-Put Corners, helping make containment mat cleanup fast and easy. Its sturdy structure keeps the mat in place each time you drive your vehicle over it, thus helping eliminating water spills and leaks. Additionally, the AutoFloorGuard containment mat includes a free squeegee, helping save time and effort on cleanup.

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