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"Product works as advertised! Capacity is limited, so you’ll still want to kick snow off the mud flaps when outside. Dry floor is nice!"
St. Albert
I tested AutoFloorGuard out when I was working on my boat in the driveway. I dropped a gallon of oil when I was changing the oil in the boat and Auto Floor Guard caught it all. I was able to put it safely into a container and dispose of. Thank you AutoFloorGuard!
Naples, Florida
I was a little reserved initially, because there was only one review on this containment mat. Plus, the price was $50 to $70 more than other mats I was reviewing...(but they all involved installing edges). This does exactly what it claims to do....It contains all the water, dirt, and sludge from my SUV and keeps my garage floor clean and dry. The edges don't look deep enough in the photo, but this mat has handled everything I've brought in from the Maine weather. I clean it up with my shop vac or slide it beyond the threshold of my garage door, and lift the mat to drain the water into the driveway. Very durable, yet light weight and easy to handle. Now I don't have to worry about water seeping into the walls, or tracking water/mud/dirt into the house. I opened the box and laid it down on my garage floor.
I purchased two of the larger mats for our 2 car garage in northern Vermont. We drag tons of slush and snow into our slab above a basement in our garage. Having used the competitions heavier thicker mats with borders and many parts that degraded and cracked I can say I am very happy with my purchase. I especially like the light-weight, storability during summer, ability to pull outside, hose off and reposition without getting filthy or hurting my back aspects of ownership. The foam border is easy to step on and doesn't hamper rolling the mats up at winters end. I highly recommend this product and will replace them if they ever wear out. This is our second winter with them and they are in fine condition.
Northern Vermont
Works great and am so happy. I've sold 3 to my neighbors and one to a friend, wish I did this years ago. Thank you for everything from service to delivery all was so professional. Also your website is so easy to maneuver thru just makes everything easy. Once I get the new shop you are first on my list of must have. Happy Camper Rin from Nova Scotia Canada and yes we get lots of snow.
Nova Scotia - Canada
Auto Floor Guard The Auto Floor Guard is a no assembly garage floor mat designed to contain water and snow that falls off your car or SUV. Edges are built in and do not require assembly Just have to say, Your mat is awesome. I know I told you it was good but it really has been a relief. I have a 1 car garage and live in Buffalo. The snow, sludge for the last few months had made the kids and I miserable. It would soak the garage floor, everything that was in it, and we always had to put boots on just to run into the garage to grab something, track through deep water and then bring it in the house The mat contains it ALL now and we just know to walk around the mat to get whatever we need. Best part, we can just go in the garage in our socks and also it's not tracked all through the house and Again, love the product, thanks.. I have recommended this already to everyone I know that parks in their garage and doesn't have a drain like they should (which seems no one up here does have a drain in their garage and Also, you have been amazing at answering my questions, shipping, etc.. Thanks!
Buffalo, NY
My garage has no drain and all melted snow from the cars collects right at the door into the house w/ slow seep into the basement wall. Live in Minnesota and had first major snowfall and the floor guard is fantastic! The material is solid enough that it will last for some time and the size is reasonable to maneuver by myself (female/40s) I did have to 'empty' it today....just pulled it out about 12 inches onto driveway and lifted/rolled from the front end and the water went down the driveway. Great purchase.
Love it, I have not been using my garage because it is carpeted with indoor carpeting, I live in Ohio, so you can imagine what our winters are like. The Auto Floor Guard works perfectly, Keeps the garage clean and allows me to park in the garage. Thank you for stocking this item.
Elizabeth Emch
I live in northern NY in the Snowbelt area and we get alot of snow. I park in a heated garage and the floors are not very level so the snow melts and runs all over the place ruining everything in its path. I've used it all last winter and no issues at all. I was worried it won't last due to all the salt and sand used here in the winter but it was perfect. Even the gravel jammed in the tires didn't tear it against the concrete floors. I did purchase the larger mat as I have a large suv and it fit fine. Very happy with my purchase and should be for several years.