How Do Garage Floor Containment Mats Work?

Are you tired of dealing with wet garage floors? If you live in an area that experiences rainfall and snowfall regularly, you understand how difficult it can be to keep garage floors clean and dry. If you are looking for a solution for keeping your garage in top shape, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s explore how garage floor containment mats work and why the AutoFloorGuard vehicle containment mat is the perfect option for you.
Garage floor containment mats have many benefits for residential garages and commercial facilities. From their ability to eliminate floor messes to their capability of preventing safety issues, the advantages of garage floor containment mats are practically endless.
Ready to learn how a garage floor mat works? Let’s dive in!

What Are Garage Floor Containment Mats?

Garage containment mats are beneficial for residential and commercial properties alike. They are a quick and effective solution for preventing snow, mud, water and oils from reaching your garage floor. Additionally, a water containment mat eliminates safety concerns related to slippery floors.

Unfortunately, many people believe that garage floor mats are incapable of capturing liquids and trapping out moisture. This is most likely because many garage floor containment parking mats on the market are made with thin, flimsy materials that easily break. But with AutoFloorGuard, that is not the case.
The AutoFloorGuard containment mat is uniquely designed with a containment-edge to keep snow, ice, water and mud off your garage floor for good. It is designed with durable fabric that handles constant tire traffic and all temperature environments. In addition to the many size options to choose from, AutoFloorGuard offers custom floor mats for garages with specific needs. On top of that, we offer a one-year warranty for all our garage floor containment mats.

How Do Garage Floor Containment Mats Contain Water?

Garage floor containment mats protect your floor from snow, ice, water and mud each time you pull into your garage.
AutoFloorGuard’s water containment mat features a built-in containment edge that captures all de-icing fluids. Additionally, our garage containment mats include Stay-Put corners that keep the mat from sliding out of place, even in the messiest situations.

How Much Water Do Water Containment Mats Hold?

Water containment mats can hold various amounts of water depending on their specifications such as their height, length and width.

The AutoFloorGuard vehicle containment mat is designed to hold several gallons of water. Whether your car faced a downpour or a blizzard, you can rest assured that the AutoFloorGuard water containment mat will catch all liquids that drop, spill or leak.

How Do You Install an AutoFloorGuard Water Containment Mat?

The AutoFloorGuard vehicle containment mat is easy to use and requires no installation or tools. Simply open the box, unfold the mat and lay it flat in your garage, seam side up. It’s recommended that you first sweep or air blow your garage floor prior to installing the mat. Be sure any sharp edges, even from paint or caulk, are smoothed out.
Our new Stay-Put Corners require just a few minutes of work to help ensure your mat stays firmly in place. First, find the proper location of your AutoFloorGuard in your garage. Next, clean and dry each corner of the mat where the Stay-Put Corners will be placed. Because many customers install AutoFloorGuard garage containment mats when temperatures are low, we recommend cleaning the area with a rag and using a hair dryer’s high setting to dry and heat up the floor for easy Stay-Put Corner application.
You will have two pads—one for the mat and one for the floor—for each corner. We recommend using gentle heat to apply the mat-side pad, placing the pad within a half-foot of each mat edge. Press firmly. Next, attach the floor pad Velcro to the mat pad Velcro. Bring some heat to the floor and just slightly heat the glue side of the floor pad. Push the pad down onto the floor, stepping on the corner to help it adhere. Repeat for each corner, taking caution not to pull too hard when attaching the other corners.
To store your mat, simply fold it the same way it came and place it back inside the box.

How Do You Clean a Garage Floor Containment Mat?

Cleaning your garage containment mat improves its performance and longevity. The AutoFloorGuard containment mat comes with a free easy-to-use squeegee to make cleanup an easy task. Simply wipe the mat with the squeegee, or, as an alternative, use a soft-bristle brush or mop.
You may also hose the garage containment mat with a mild kitchen detergent to remove debris. If the water containment mat is soiled with oil and chemicals, check with your local government regarding proper disposal of the mat.

What Applications Are Garage Floor Containment Mats Used For?

Garage floor containment mats for cars are fantastic for residential and commercial uses. While the most common use is in the residential garage, there are a number of other purposes that garage floor mats have to offer.
Garage floor mats for winter offer a range of possibilities for residential homes and commercial businesses. From eliminating safety issues to preventing wet and muddy floor messes, the benefits of garage containment mats are valuable to any home or business owner.

Residential Uses for Garage Floor Containment Mats

Imagine this: You just pulled into your garage after making a quick run to a grocery store. It’s a snowy day, and you’re ready to unload groceries and head into your house. As you step out of the driver’s seat, you notice your car is caked with dirty snow on its underside. You know that in a short amount of time, the snow will melt and mucky puddles will flood your garage.Sound familiar?

With a garage containment mat, however, your days of messy garage floors are over. Rubber garage floor containment mats have many purposes and benefits.

These benefits include:

  • Eliminating mess in your garage.
  • Saving time by eliminating extra to-dos. 
  • Eliminating safety concerns.
  • Giving you peace of mind.

Garage floor containment parking mats not only save you the hassle of cleaning up puddles of mud but eliminate safety issues. Slippery floors are a common cause of serious accidents that happen at home. Protect you and your family by installing a water containment mat that will always be safe and convenient to clean.

Commercial Uses for Garage Containment Mats

Garage floor water containment mats are not only advantageous for residential homes but offer many uses for commercial businesses. Garage containment mats make excellent additions to workshops, showrooms, construction sites, offices, warehouses, aircraft hangars and practically anywhere else that needs floor protection. These can also save you from potentially hazardous working conditions and the liabilities associated with slipping on wet floors

Similar to residential garage floor mats, commercial garage containment mats have three main purposes: eliminate messes, save time on cleanup and prevent safety issues. Whether you work in an office or on a construction site, a garage containment mat is an investment you won’t regret. Check out our selection of mats designed for vehicles of all sizes including custom, compact, mid-size, large SUV/Truck mats. 

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