Why AutoFloorGuard

AutoFloorGuard containment mats are the best and easiest way to keep your garage floor clean. Our containment mats stop just about anything liquid spilled, leaked or dropped from your car from damaging your garage floor! And when you are ready to clean, simply pull the parking mat over the garage threshold and either sweep or hose down the mat.

Clean Up Your Garage Floor

Heavy Duty Fabric

All AutoFloorGuard containment mats use the most heavy duty fabric on the market, which is trusted in the trucking industry and handles America’s toughest conditions.

Close Up of Containment Mat
Heat Sealed Edges with Waterproof Technology

Built-in Containment Edge

All AFG seams are a closed cell foam material and will not absorb moisture. This material works in all temperature environments and will endure tire traffic.

Free Squeegee

Wipe down your containment mat in a matter of minutes with this squeegee and small telescoping pole! (pic not included pole) $5 value included for free


Collapsible Squeegee AFG
Heat Sealed Watertight Seams

Heat-Sealed Watertight Seams

All AFG seams are reinforced and thermal welded to provide durability and longevity. AutoFloorGuards were designed to allow more room in the corners for water, mud, oil, snow or any other liquid drip to be captured.

Stay-Put Corners

 Don’t worry about your mat ever moving again! Our high quality Stay-Put Corners ensure your AutoFloorGuard stays in place even in the messiest situation.

($10 Value included for free!)

Stay Put Corners