Video Resources

Installation - Unfolding

Simply open and unfold your new AutoFloorGuard garage floor mat. It’s ready to use!

Clean Up

AutoFloorGuard is easy to clean and keeps dirt and debris from your garage floor!  Watch this quick video on how you can easily clean your AutoFloorGuard in a few minutes. 

How It Works

AutoFloorGuard is easy to install and easy to clean! Fits inside standard garage.

Competitor Mat Assembly

Just do this 20+ times to assemble. Then see how hard it is to take apart to store.

Wet Socks?

AutoFloorGuard keeps your garage floor clean and dry so you don’t have to step in snow and mud every time you walk in.

Eating off the Floor?

Is your garage floor clean enough to eat off of? Ours is!

Easy to Clean

Easy for anyone to clean, no matter who made the mess. 

Mud? No Problem

Take your vehicles anywhere without worrying about leaving a mess in the garage when you get home.