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AutoFloorGuard reviews put our valuable and happy customers front and center.

We at AutoFloorGuard are proud of the construction, durability, performance and special features of our garage floor containment mats, made from the most-heavy-duty fabric on the market and trusted in the trucking industry.

To help give our customers an adequate soapbox for their AutoFloorGuard containment mat reviews, let’s break down all the key ways AutoFloorGuard stands out compared with our competitors’ products and turn the microphone over to our customers themselves so you can hear how they enjoy and benefit from our mats.

You certainly want to know all the reasons why one customer calls AutoFloorGuard the best garage floor containment mat.

Garage containment mats - built-in containment edges - AutoFloorGuard
AutoFloorGuard’s built-in containment edges hold up well to tire traffic and temperatures changes while keeping garage floors dry and safe.

AutoFloorGuard Reviews Praise Our Built-In Containment Edges

We’re also proud of AutoFloorGuard’s special features, including our built-in containment edges, made from a closed-cell foam material that will not absorb moisture. This material is built to withstand tire traffic and hold up to all temperature environments.
Don’t take our word for it! Here’s what a customer hailing from a city known for big-time snowstorms says in her AutoFloorGuard review:

“Edges are built in and do not require assembly. [I] just have to say, your mat is awesome. I know I told you it was good, but it really has been a relief. I have a one-car garage and live in Buffalo. The snow, sludge for the last few months had made the kids and [me] miserable. It would soak the garage floor, everything that was in it, and we always had to put boots on just to run into the garage to grab something, track through deep water and then bring it in the house. The mat contains it ALL now and we just know to walk around the mat to get whatever we need.”

AutoFloorGuard Reviews Trump up Our Heat-Sealed Watertight Seams

Yes, we’re also proud of our AutoFloorGuard’s heat-sealed watertight seams, which are reinforced and thermal-welded to deliver our customers the kind of durability and longevity they’d expect in a top-flight garage floor containment mat. Our products are expertly designed to give more room in the corners to capture and trap rainwater, snowmelt, melted ice, mud, oil, leaves and other debris from dirtying your garage floor and prevent you and loved ones from tracking these liquids and debris into your home.
Check out Dory’s AutoFloorGuard review on how our product performs through brutal Maine winters:

“This does exactly what it claims to do. … It contains all the water, dirt and sludge from my SUV and keeps my garage floor clean and dry. The edges don't look deep enough in the photo, but this mat has handled everything I've brought in from the Maine weather. … Very durable yet lightweight and easy to handle. Now I don't have to worry about water seeping into the walls or tracking water/mud/dirt into the house. I opened the box and laid it down on my garage floor.”

Heat-sealed watertight seams - garage floor containment mat - AutoFloorGuard reviews
AutoFloorGuard’s heat-sealed watertight seams are built for durability and to capture and trap water, ice, mud, oil, leaves and other debris.
Stay-Put Corners - garage floor containment mat - AutoFloorGuard reviews
AutoFloorGuard’s Stay-Put Corners help keep your garage floor containment mat firmly in place to ensure trapped liquids and debris remain trapped and off your garage floor.

AutoFloorGuard Reviews Highlight Our Stay-Put Corners

Speaking of corners, we at AutoFloorGuard also cherish our Stay-Put Corners. These nifty corners help ensure our garage floor containment mat remains fastened in place, even in the messiest garages.
In his AutoFloorGuard review, Gene says the product’s Stay-Put Corners and containment edges helped seal the deal—and wants a second AutoFloorGuard garage floor containment mat:

“Just received my [AutoFloorGuard] and got it installed. It was easy to put down and easy to keep in place with the [Stay-Put Corners] provided with the floor guard. I have had major issues with snow/water/mud falling off my vehicles. I researched different floor guards to find one that had containment edges on it, would be easy to clean and wouldn't break the bank! AutoFloorGuard filled the bill! Now I need to get one for the car side of the garage.”

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Before turning you over to a wall of AutoFloorGuard containment mat reviews, we want to shine a light on just one more special message from one of our customers who has glowing praise for our product, calling it the best garage floor containment mat.

Strike that! Even better, this customer, living in snowy Minnesota, calls AutoFloorGuard the “best product”—period!

Vehicle parked on AutoFloorGuard - garage floor containment mat - AutoFloorGuard reviews
Jan M., an AutoFloorGuard customer, goes beyond naming AutoFloorGuard the best garage floor containment mat by calling it the “best product”—period.

One AutoFloorGuard Review Calls Our Garage Floor Containment Mat the “Best Product”

“We purchased an [AutoFloorGuard] last year. It is the best product! We live in northern Minnesota, and the snow just piles up in the garage, and then we have water everywhere. This mat takes care of everything and is very easy to empty the water outside. Just slide it out and fold over. I would definitely recommend it to all!”