Taking the time to keep your car in optimal condition is sometimes worth more than buying a vehicle fresh off the lot. Take care of your car to ensure its value and reliability for the long term. There are different methods to keep your car looking great after having it for years. Here are some [...]

Heat-sealed edges are an important part of our garage floor containment mats. Not only do they help contain all the liquid that spills onto the garage floor, but they keep the mat strong and sturdy. Garage floors are notoriously dirty, from rain and snow to mud and oil – it’s hard to keep them [...]

5 Ways to Protect Your Antique Vehicle When you invest in an antique vehicle, protecting it is the highest priority. From checking the tire pressure to simply filling it up with gas, you make sure every detail is accounted for. To preserve your classic car, apply the same level of care to [...]

Are you tired of dealing with snow runoff in your garage? Snow runoff in the garage is a common issue for homeowners in snowy climates. Whether your location receives heavy annual snowfall or mild, infrequent snowstorms, the effects that snow runoff leaves on garages can be extremely [...]