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How to Choose the Right Size Garage Floor Containment Mat

If you live in a snowy climate, you understand the struggle it is to keep garage floors clean during the winter. Besides dripping snow, your vehicle may track in mud, rainwater, ice and debris, leaving pools of liquids on your garage floor not just during the winter, but in other seasons as well. If you’re seeking an effective solution for ridding your garage of snow and water once and for all, it may be time to invest in a garage floor containment mat.

Garage floor containment mats are designed to capture and retain gallons of water that may spill or leak from your vehicle. In order for a garage floor parking mat to work, however, you must carefully consider what it is you’re looking for in a garage containment mat and, most importantly, what size garage floor mat you need.

If you’re unsure where to begin in selecting the perfect garage floor mat for your car, you have come to the right place. Today, we’ll break down the top considerations to note when choosing a garage floor mat, as well as tips for picking the right size.

Let’s begin!

What to Look for in a Garage Floor Containment Mat

Choosing a garage floor mat for snow requires deep consideration on your part, as not all garage containment mats are the same. Because each garage floor mat brand is different, it is crucial to understand what features to look for in garage containment mats.

High-grade garage floor mats, such as the AutoFloorGuard containment mat, will feature durable, heavy-duty fabric to withstand heavy snow and constant tire traffic. In addition to long-lasting materials, a top-quality garage floor mat should include a tall built-in containment edge to retain gallons of liquids your vehicle may drip or leak.

Another important feature many high-quality garage floor containment mats possess is Stay-Put Corners for keeping the garage floor mat in place. Because a garage mat that slides out of place can result in messy situations, the addition of Stay-Put Corners are valuable as well as essential for homeowners.

Besides evaluating the material and features of a garage floor mat, it is also important to consider a garage containment mat’s functionality. The best garage floor mats will not only collect several gallons of water, but they will be easy to clean. Some brands may even include a free squeegee with the garage floor mat to help speed up the cleaning process.

How to Pick the Right Size Garage Floor Containment Mat

Once you understand the things to look for in a garage floor mat, it’s time to decide what size containment mat you need. Because all garages and vehicles are different, garage floor mats are available in a number of sizes.

Choosing the proper size garage containment mat is important, as installing a floor mat too small for your garage may result in slippery floors and unsightly messes left by your vehicle. Similarly, installing a garage floor mat that’s larger than necessary may be difficult to handle, especially when the time comes to slide your garage floor mat outside for cleaning.

Fortunately, selecting the right size garage floor mat for a car is a fairly easy process. The steps to deciding upon a certain size include measuring your garage, considering your vehicle’s size and pondering other factors, such as how many vehicles you plan on parking in your garage.

Below, we’ll answer the question “What size floor mat is right for my garage?” by explaining the steps to measuring your garage and vehicle to help you select a containment mat that best fits your needs.

Measure Your Garage for Correct Garage Floor Containment Mat Sizing

The first step to choosing the best containment mat for your garage is determining the size of your garage floor. Although most garage floor mats are sized according to the type of vehicle you own, a garage floor mat’s size also greatly depends on the size of your garage.

Measuring your garage is an easy process. Simply use a tape measure to determine the length and width of your garage floor. Also, take into consideration how much room your garage floor offers for parking. For instance, if a large part of your garage is used for storage, you may not have space for a large containment mat.

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Measure Your Car for the Proper Size Garage Floor Mat

The second step to determining a garage floor containment mat’s size is measuring the width and length of your vehicle. Most garage floor mat brands offer three garage floor mat sizes, although some containment mats are available in additional sizing options.

The three standard sizes of garage floor containment mats are Compact Size, Mid-Size and SUV/ Truck Size. To find the right size containment mat, simply match the garage floor mat’s size to your vehicle’s description. You may also measure the width and length of your vehicle for more precise measurements or, if you are unsure what your vehicle’s measurements are, enter your vehicle’s information at to determine your vehicle’s size.

While every garage and vehicle is different, it’s recommended for a garage floor mat to measure approximately 2 feet longer than your vehicle or at a minimum of 1 foot longer than your vehicle’s length.

Other Factors to Consider when Choosing a Garage Floor Containment Mat

Other factors to consider when selecting a garage floor protection parking mat are the height of your vehicle, how many automobiles you park in your garage and what side you and passengers get out of the car. These considerations can aid in the garage floor mat selection process, as they help you decide if you need multiple mats (such as if you park multiple cars in your garage) or if you need a small, compact mat (such as if you and passengers only exit one side of the vehicle).

Need help choosing the perfect garage floor containment mat for your garage? Allow our experts at AutoFloorGuard to help aid you in the process! At AutoFloorGuard, our team of professionals offers excellent customer service to help you select a garage containment mat that perfectly suits your needs. Moreover, AutoFloorGuard provides multiple garage floor containment mat sizes, including custom garage floor mats. Contact us today for more information on how to choose the right size garage floor containment mat for your vehicle!

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