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    Containment Mats

    XL Containment Mat

    • NEW– Brand new size never before sold. Built with optimized fabric, includes Stay-Put Corners and a FREE squeegee & telescoping pole. Everything you need is in the box!
    • PROTECT YOUR GARAGE FLOOR– Built-in (enhanced) containment edge keeps all of the snow, ice and mud off of your garage floor. Designed specifically for larger trucks and Suv’s.
    • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY, NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED, AND EASY TO CLEAN– Heat-sealed watertight seams are reinforced and thermal welded for durability and functionality. Simply just unfold the mat and it’s ready to use.
    • STAY-PUT CORNERS INCLUDED – Copied by some but invented by the original AutoFloorGuard, the leader in keeping your garage floor clean!
    • 1-YEAR WARRANTY – All AutoFloorGuard containment mats include a 1-year warranty and have not changed the key features that made AutoFloorGuard #1 in the containment mat industry for over 5 years. See warranty for details.

    XL Containment Mat Dimensions 8’6″x 22′

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    Open Box

    Open Box Containment Floor Mats

    Take advantage of this great deal and purchase one of our Open Box Containment Mats.

    All of these Open Box AutoFloorGuard’s are returns that are in like new condition. Prices this low you can’t pass up this deal, and they are only available while supplies last! (NOTE: These items do not include Squeegee with Telescoping Pole or our Stay-Put Corners. All sales are final on these items.)

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Garage containment mats are a great way to keep your garage floor clean and dry. Mud, water, ice, snow, and oil can all damage garage floors. Concrete is porous, so liquids and stains tend to penetrate through it if they are not caught quickly. Cleaning your floors also requires a lot of elbow grease, especially if you’ve accidentally spilled something like oil when performing maintenance on your car or truck.

AutoFloorGuard has developed the perfect solution: the garage containment mat. We’ve been the #1 leader in garage floor containment mats for over 5 years.

What are Garage Containment Mats?

Garage containment mats are made from strong, waterproof material. The coated fabric captures fluids and other substances before they penetrate the concrete floor. This acts as a protective layer around your floor, so spills can be disposed of quickly and easily without having to clean or replace your floor. These mats also help protect you. Wet, slippery garage floors can be dangerous.

How Do Garage Containment Mats Work?

A containment mat protects your garage floor from spills by collecting all of the mess on top of the material surface.  They can keep your floor clean and dry, and make cleaning up after taking care of your vehicle a snap.

Our Garage Containment Floor Mat Sizes

We offer a variety of sizes to meet your needs. Our choices include mats for SUVs and trucks, compact cars, mid-size vehicles, and more.

Features of Our Garage Floor Containment Mats

Our containment mats come loaded with special features that make them perfect for  protecting your floor while storing vehicles or working on cars. These features help set AutoFloorGuard apart from the rest of the market.

Floor Mat Accessories

In addition to your garage floor mat, you’ll also receive a free squeegee and telescoping pole. It’s everything you need to keep your garage floor clean in one box!

Our mats feature a built in containment edge and stay-put corners. These corners ensure you don’t have to worry about your garage floor mat shifting while you’re driving your car on and off the mat. This makes it easy to keep your floor clean.

Durable Car Containment Mat Material

Our optimized commercial-grade fabric is polyester scrim material that’s treated with a coating process that allows PVC to coat and intertwine with polyester strands, making it stronger and tougher than ever. PVC fabric is used and trusted by the trucking industry to handle the toughest conditions day in and day out.

Our fabric is mildew and rot resistant, and ultraviolet-treated to resist fading. Our heat-sealed watertight seams are reinforced and thermally welded for increased durability that prevents leaks and seam failure. The edges of the mat will also help contain any mess while still allowing you to drive over them with ease.

Simple to Set Up

Our mat is made of durable, reinforced material. All you have to do is take it out of the box and you’re all ready to go. No assembly required. Talk about easy to install!

Easy to Clean

Our mats don’t only protect your garage floor, but they’re very easy to clean. Rinsing off a mat is so much easier than cleaning your garage flooring.

Our Warranty

For extra peace of mind, our containment mats also include a 1 year warranty.  If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your mat, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Do I Need a Garage Floor Mat?

If you park in your garage, perform maintenance on your car or truck, or simply handle messy materials in your garage, a heavy duty mat is perfect for you. You don’t have to worry about tracking in dirt, mud, melted snow, and ice.

It doesn’t matter the season: your garage mat will come in handy in winter, spring, summer, and fall.

Garage floor mats are great for everyone! They make cleaning up easy, and prevent your concrete floors from becoming slippery and dangerous.

AutoFloorGuard: The Best Garage Floor Mats

Our garage floor containment mats are the best in the industry and are tough enough to last a long time. As experts in the industry, we’ve continually refined our product to ensure you’re receiving a top-notch mat that will make a world of difference in your garage. They’re also a great price for such a high quality product.

With all these benefits, we know you’ll love your new AutoFloorGuard containment mat. Try it for yourself today!


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